Automatization, e.g.; Automatic drilling machine for aluminium profiles

American Tool

Automatization: Equipment for printing of saw blades

Equipment to empty transport boxes with preforms by tilting

Automatization, e.g. conveyor system

Various spare parts
Automation, packing equipment

automatic packaging line; conveyor system; automatic packaging line for “Ga-Jol” (pastilles) boxes, automatic lid dispenser

Special machines/Automatization, e.g. automatic strip feeder, kiwi, various tobacco tins, circular blank feeder, Møn-o-mat, expander, various stackers etc.
Special Machines/Automatization, e.g. Beading & curling machine for tinplate lids
Various spare parts, rollers etc.
Special machines/pharmaceutical industry, e.g. automatic lid application
Special machines/bakery, e.g. dispensers, icing guns, biscuit stackers, fillers for biscuit into tins etc.
Conveyor systems
Special machines/pressure die casting, e.g threading machine
Special machines/pharmaceutical industry
Special machines/Automatization, Twist-O-Matic Conveyor Arrangement to: Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Russia and Saudi Arabia
Automatization, modifications of machinery etc.
Panther Plast
Automatization/“IML“-robot, various equipment for printing machines
Automatization, Ex.-proof equipment for filling powder into fireworks
Bake Off Automatization, e.g. system for cutting of Danish cinnamon pastry, system to top Danish pastry with icing etc.
  Confectionery/Automatization, systems for sweets e.g. candy eggs and mint curls
Special machine/Automatization, e.g. Beading & curling machine for tinplate lids