Danæg Products A / S was founded in 1991 and is a part Danæg amba. The company currently employs 68 employees.

Since 1962 Danæg Products has manufactured liquid, pasteurized eggs, and continuously developed new production techniques and products. This makes the company highly specialized in processed egg.

Danæg Products offers a wide range of products for the catering industry, including boiled, peeled eggs, pancakes, omelets and especially “long eggs”. Danægs own invention “long egg” which dates back to 1973, is still a commercial success, and the company holds 90% market share of the global market.



Danæg Products wanted to streamline their production of long eggs by optimizing the processes in the production line, from the boiling machine to the multivac packing machines.

The production line included quite a few manual processes. The “long eggs” came from 8 boiling machines to 4 stations where the ends were cut off. The next step included a control function, and manual handling to 4 multivac machines.



In cooperation with Danæg Products, Møn Maskinbyg developed a plan for process optimization of the production line. An important focus was obviously hygiene and cleanability.

The four “end cutting” stations, was replaced by a single machine which receives the eggs from all 8 boiling machines, cuts of the ends, and delivers them to the control function.

In addition, the control function, as well as the subsequent buildup and delivery of the products to the, MULTIVAC packaging machine, were automated. The machine also features an egg slicing option.

Møn Maskinbyg has collaborated with Danæg Products since 2012, and developed a wide range of solutions for the company’s production lines.



“For some years, we have had a very good cooperation with Møn Maskinbyg. They have solved optimization tasks in our production. In many of our processes, there are no standard solutions, which is why we need a partner who can solve such tasks.

We found it natural to contact Møn Maskinbyg, as we wanted to optimize the production line for long egg. The task was to get a better flow in the department while reducing the waste in the process.

Production costs are now reduced, and our investment is paid back within a few years”.

Niels Hermansen
Project Manager
Danæg Products A/S