Møn Maskinbyg A / S since 1988

Møn Maskinbyg A / S was established in 1988 by Jan Bille and Kjeld Christiansen. Both with a past in the metal packaging industry at Vandværksbakken in Stege in southeastern Denmark. In the first years, their primary focus was therefore on metal packaging with a special connection to the company Metropak A / S, later Massily.

In 1992 the production site at Vandværksbakken was found to be too small, and the company moved to the current address: Katedralvej 22 in Stege.

The positive development in Møn Maskinbyg continued, and several conveyor systems were developed and  manufactured for twist-off lids. This led, among other things, to Jan Billes invention of a pneumatic turn-box, that turns and positions up to 500 pcs of metal lids per minute.

The Stege-based companies Karen Wolf, Kelsen and Bisca became regular customers. Møn Maskinbyg delivered complete solutions for bakeries – both for processing dough and for packaging. For a local plastic manufacturing company, Møn Maskinbyg developed automated solutions for handling and stacking of many different types of packaging. In addition, different solutions were developed with robot equipment for in-mold labeling, removal and stacking.


New technology brought new opportunities

Møn Maskinbyg was at the forefront of technological development, and introduced AUTOCAD in 1996 and AutoDesk Inventor in 2002.

Over the years, Møn Maskinbyg got more and more advanced tasks in handling, processing and transporting plastic packaging, metal packaging and injection molding materials. This required more advanced 3-D design solutions, and several CNC mashines was implemented in the company’s workflow, and in 2012, the first CNC turning center was acquired. 


Generation change 

Managing Director of Møn Maskinbyg Mr. Knud G. Hansen joined the company in 2004 as part of a generational shift, and in 2011 he took over the company.  Knud G. Hansen is now sole owner of Møn Maskinbyg.

The close cooperation with several major customers, allowed Møn Maskinbyg to supply advanced machines for companies in South Korea, USA, England, Sweden and Germany.

Companies in several different industries were added to the customer list,  and in 2012 the first solution for handling “long egg” was delivered. It was an exciting project, which gave Møn Maskinbyg extensive knowledge and experience with equipment suited for extreme cleaning. Based on this, machines manufactured for extreme environments were a significant part of the portfolio at Møn Maskinbyg. This includes machines for cutting and handling dough in the production of “bake off” products in industrial bakeries.

Optimizing the customers’ existing production facilities became a natural business for Møn Maskinbyg. For some customers, the performance of their production lines is improved by more than 50 percent.

Møn Maskinbyg employs 12 employees, each of which is highly qualified in their area of expertise. They all contribute in creating innovative and effective machine solutions.