When a customer approaches Møn Maskinbyg with a request for an automation solution, the first step is always a thorough analysis of customer needs.

We inspect the location where the machine is to be installed, and collects information about the site, and other functions of the production line. This process provides the basic knowledge we need, to set requirements and success criteria for the solution, in cooperation with the customer.

Then we prepare a preliminary layout drawing that provides the basis for our quotation, and a production plan.


Design and development

After order acceptance, we provide an order confirmation, and the design phase begins.

We then do the final design work and prepare the final drawings for production. We start to document the machine in accordance with applicable rules and standards.



During the production phase, individual parts are manufactured at our production site, and special parts are purchased. After that, the machine is assembled and we perform a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) test, which aims to ensure that the system performance is in accordance with the agreed purchase specification. This test is approved by the customer and the machine is installed at the customer’s location.

Often our technicians will be present after the machine is installed to help make it ready for production. Then, the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is performed. This test is designed to ensure that the machine is functioning properly at the customer’s location. After the approved SAT, we consider the installation completed. Partial invoicing for the solution is usually done at startup and after approved FAT, and final invoicing is done by approved SAT.


After sales service

We take pride in ensuring that our machines run as good as possible. We therefore have short response time on e-mail and phone, so that any adjustments and adaptations can be made as soon as possible. Our team of skilled technicians is ready to move out if needed – within- or outside the warranty period.